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Our nich business is covering: Special steel products and welding consumables to be used in offshore industry which include wind power installation vessel, jackup, the floating platform of both semisub- mersible and FPSO, and also the supply of weld element (rig leg) for both the wind power installation vessel and jackup;Seamless and Longitudinally welded pipeline to be used both in nuclear and thermal power project, and also the welding consumables to be used for manufacturing of nuclear and thermal power equipments;Cryogenic plate and welding consumables for LNG, and plate, pipe and forgings for coal liquefaction and coal gasification project.

We are solely representing OERLIKON (Airliquide Welding France) for its welding consumables in Chinese offshore and LNG industry, Central Rich had also set up long term cooperation with OERLIKON and other internationally recognized welding consumable manufacturers in Chinese industries of Nuclear, Petrochemical and Engineering Machinery.
We have long term cooperation with V&M for seamless pipe business in offshore, nuclear and thermal power industries, and we are also widely in cooperation with TIMKEN, TENARIS, SUMITOMO, PT, TUBACEX, etc in Chinese power generation and petrochemical industry.
We provide package solution to customer in offshore, power generation and petrochemical industry, and according to the actual demand of the project, we are supplying fittings from Bassi Luigi, OMR, etc for projects including power and petrochemical industry.
We are supplier of Carbon, low alloyed, stainless and high alloyed plate and plate formed piece from manufacturers of Dillinger, NSSC, etc.for industry of pressure vessel being widely used in petrochemical/chemical project and also for industry of offshore.
We supply forgings for Nuclear power, thermal power, hydroelectric power, and petrochemical/chemical industry from European manufacturers like Creusot Forge,etc.
Time to time, we stock and also work with other stockist to solve urgent demand of the customer for certain project.
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